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We Are Wireless PET EEG

The Brainquiry PET EEG is founded in 2002 by young entrepreneurs in the field of applied neuroscience. They invented a patented solution to measure EEG wireless with the highest quality real-time signals. Even today we are proud to say that the PET EEG is still ahead of its time. Experience freedom and perform accurate neurofeedback and brain monitoring by using the Brainquiry PET EEG.

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The 4 Pillars of Excellence


Life is much better when you have technology that is not only functional, but state-of-the art. We make products that are portable, easy to use and of the highest quality because we know you don't have time for below average products.


Science is an amazing thing! We apply our extensive background in neuroscience to bring you healthy lifestyle technology and wearable solutions.


We like to think that any new idea, even those that don't meet our standards, lead to better solutions across the board. Our products are engineered to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.


Our success depends on your happiness. Our company culture supports positive thinking with individuals who are forward-facing with all of our customers.

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