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PET EEG 2 channel Neurofeedback equipment (5-leads)

The PET EEG 2.0 channel has:

  • 5 active electrodes (2 +, 2 - and 1 ground, bipolar channels)
  • The PET EEG is suitable for wireless measuring of EEG, EMG or ECG
  • When you order the PET 2.0 the package includes: 1 PET 2.0 hardware body + plug, 1 bluetooth receiver, 1 battery, 1 arm band, 1 installation manual and suitcase
  • The PET wireless Neurofeedback equipment is compatible with the BioExplorer software.

Wireless bluetooth connection

The EEG hardware transmits the data to a PC, laptop or mobile device wireless with a bluetooth connection: this is wireless Neurofeedback! Due to our patented design, EEG can be measured in a user friendly way.


The Brainquiry PET 2.0 is based on a DC-Amplifier (instead of more common AC amplifier) Due to the high quality components, the PET 2.0 shows good performance showing the lower brain frequencies like Slow Cortical Potentials and Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI).

Compatible software

The PET EEG 2.0 is compatible with BioExplorer and BioEra. We are currently working on new (mobile app) software solutions.

For all our Brainquiry EEG hardware equipment we offer interfacing software such as an API or ANSI-C code to use the equipment with your own (research) software.